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Lovejoy High students engage in discussions in a host of languages other than English to include:
American Sign Language
These courses develop the basic-to-intermediate skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and emphasize the ā€œ5 C'sā€ of communication, culture, community, comparisons, and connections. Instruction is based on Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards, and the standards and best practices promulgated by:
Learning another language requires students to develop critical thinking skills and English language skills, and fosters the skills necessary to become effective American citizens in the 21st Century.
Students are assessed in a variety of means that may include: observations of conversations carried out in the target language, pencil-and-paper tests, or presentations created in the target language. 
Students must earn two credits in the same world language to meet LHS graduation requirements, or three years of the same language to meet the LHS Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP) graduation requirements. LISD strongly encourages students seeking admission to four-year universities to complete at least three years of world language study.
Proficiency Sequence: (basic is also known as novice)
World Language Course Sequence available at Lovejoy:
Pre-AP American Sign Language I
Pre-AP American Sign Language II
Pre-AP American Sign Language III
Pre-AP American SIgn Language IV
Pre-AP Chinese I
Pre-AP Chinese II
Pre-AP Chinese III
Pre-AP French I
Pre-AP French II
Pre-AP French III
AP French Language (IV)
Pre-AP Spanish I
Pre-AP Spanish II
Pre-AP Spanish III
AP Spanish Language (IV)
AP Spanish Literature (V)
World Language Dept.
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American Sign Language
Edward Bart
(Department Chair)
Tina Lee
BillieJean Kelsey
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Alex Duran
Jose Madrid
Emily Rees
Amanda Vera
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