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World Languages » American Sign Language

American Sign Language

Instructor: Edward Bart
Classroom B110
Courses Offered:
Advanced American Sign Language I
Prerequisite: Open eyes and an open mind.
Grades 9 , 10 , 11 
Students will be immersed in American Sign Language, learning vocabulary and grammar, along with examining some of the connections between ASL and Deaf Culture.

Advanced American Sign Language II
Prerequisite: ASL I
Grades 10 , 11 , 12
Students will be immersed in American Sign Language and learn the grammar, rules, and literature of ASL and the Deaf Community.
Advanced American Sign Language III
Prerequisite: ASL II
Grades 11 , 12
Building on learning gained from ASL I and II, students will continue improving their fluency while examining the literature and culture of Deaf Americans.
    Period 5
Advanced American Sign Language IV
Prerequisite: ASL III
Grade 12
Students who enroll in ASL IV are motivated to create a lifelong connection to ASL and the Deaf Community. Students will spend more time studying stories and other literary forms in ASL.
Additional information:
No AP test has been developed for ASL. If you want to change this, remember that AP tests are actually a product sold by the College Board! Remember the principle of "supply and demand" applies here. So demand the AP ASL test by contacting College Board at their company headquarters! And have your parents do the same!
ASL Students also have the opportunity to join the National ASL Honor Society.