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World Languages » Spanish


Courses offered:
Advanced Spanish I
Instructor: Alex Duran Room: B104
Advanced Spanish II*
Instructor: Augusto Bueno Room: B111
Instructor: Victoria Helmerich Room: B106
Instructor: Alex Duran Room: B104
Instructor: Jose Madrid Room: B108
Advanced Spanish III
Prerequisite: Spanish I and Spanish II
Grades 9 , 10 , 11 
Intermediate level Spanish. Must have completed Spanish I and II with a passing grade (above a 70). Spanish III focuses on higher levels of grammar, vocabulary and literature.
Instructor: Jose Madrid Room: B108
AP Spanish IV (Spanish Language)
Instructor: Jose Madrid Room: B108
AP Spanish V (Spanish Literature)
Instructor: Jose Madrid Room: B108
Additional Information:
*It must be noted that while many students took Spanish I in 8th grade, Spanish II adheres to the same strict rigor and academic expectations of any other high school course and students may experience a period of adjustment. 
Spanish students also have the opportunity of participating in the Lovejoy Spanish Club.