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Lovejoy High School

New at Lovejoy High School, online delivery of courses!
Lovejoy ISD is proud to announce the launch of LHS Online Signature Courses with the first of many online high school course offerings.  
LHS Online Signature Courses will be differentiated from the existing online course market through an online-specific construction and delivery capturing the Lovejoy course environment of rigorous engagement and consistent, quality lessons.  All courses will be designed and instructed by Lovejoy High School educators attuned to instruction in the digital space.
As student learning occurs differently in online courses, LHS Online Signature Courses are not simply digitizing existing classroom activities.  Many different activities will be experienced which are specifically targeted towards learning in digital spaces.
The instructional design standards for all the courses will include:
   -  Synchronous and asynchronous discussion participation
   -  Personal and collaborative digital artifact production
   -  Common assessment, grading, and scoring structures
The inaugural course (Leadership) occurred in the Summer of 2017 and was limited to Lovejoy ISD students.
There will be additional LHS Online Signature Courses available to Lovejoy ISD students in the Summer of 2018 and during the following 2018- 2019 school year. 
The next course being offered:
Leadership (Speech)
1 semester credit (0.5 annual credit)
Instructor:  Jenay Sherman
Timeframe : Early Summer 2018
Cost of course: $300 via RevTrack, with LHS Counselor approval
Sign-up starting April 2018 with approval of LHS Counselors
This course will only be offered to a limited number of Lovejoy ISD students at this time
Check back in March 2018 for details regarding other Summer 2018 and 2018 - 2019 school year offerings.