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Brandon Barter

I am excited to continue teaching at Lovejoy High School where I have been since 2016.  I started my teaching career in Anchorage, Alaska in 2007, where I taught for 7 years before deciding to make a change.  In 2014, my wife and I took a visit to Dallas and decided that would be a good place to live.  We sold our house, packed our bags, and moved to Texas.  I worked for 2 years at Plano West Senior High and when I saw the opportunity become available at Lovejoy, I jumped on it.  I have taught AP US History since 2009 and I continue to find the course challenging and rewarding.  On top of AP US History, I also teach AP United States Government and Politics which I have been doing since 2017.  I am looking forward to working with my former APUSH students on modern issues and the operations of our government.


When I am not in the classroom, I am fortunate to share my life with my wife Cathy, who I have been married to since 2010, and two young rambunctious daughters Cora and Calista.


As far as education, I received my bachelor's in secondary education from the University of Idaho and was a member of the Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity.  In 2011, I was awarded the James Madison Fellowship that selects one social studies teacher per state to pursue their master’s degree on the United States Constitution.  I finished my thesis on the general welfare clause of the US Constitution and received my master’s degree from Alaska Pacific University in 2014.  


I am looking forward to another great year.  If you have any issues, please feel free to reach out to me through email.