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Seth Sartain

About me:
This is my sixth year with Lovejoy and I'm super pumped! 
I'm from Mesquite, TX and I went to school at Texas Tech (guns up!). While in school I went on a bit of a study abroad frenzy. Three continents and a year and a half later I spoke three new languages, knew a little bit more about the world and a lot more about myself. I came home, graduated, married my high school sweetheart, Catherine, and came to work for Lovejoy. I hope to give my students a glimpse of what my travels taught me and the skill of a new language to go along with it. 
I'm also "the Spain guy." Each summer I take students on a two week study abroad program to Seville, Spain. I call it Summer in Seville. Check out my website ( or contact me for more info.
Spanish 4 - AP Spanish Language and Culture 
Spanish 5 - AP Spanish Literature and Culture
2012 - BA Spanish, Texas Tech
Travel, reading, learning other languages, jiu jitsu, watching movies, going out with my bride and our friends/family!
2009 Seville, Spain Studied a little Spanish at Texas Tech's center in the south of Spain.  
2010 Cairo, Egypt Intensive Arabic at the American University in Cairo.  
2011 Recife, Brazil Exchange program at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. Good times!