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Amanda Arriaga

This school year marks my 23rd year in education, teaching 7th and 8th grade for 13 years before making the transition to high school in 2012. While my years teaching middle-schoolers were fun-filled and rewarding, teaching high school students has proven to be a perfect fit. English was always my favorite subject in school (weird, I know), so once I decided that I wanted to teach, determining WHAT I wanted to teach was easy.
A little about my educational background: I graduated from the University of California, Riverside in 1996 with a BA in Psychology. During my last year there, I worked with a graduate student researching the socialization of abused children. The research led me to the realization that I wasn't cut out for such emotionally taxing work, but as much of the research took place in a school, I found a great level of enjoyment and satisfaction working with students in a positive learning environment. I knew the teaching profession was right for me. I moved to Texas, attended Texas A & M - Commerce for a year and a half to attain the needed education classes, and then went on to the final step of student teaching. 
I so enjoy sharing in the development of the young men and women who are most precious to you. Please always feel at ease in letting me know how I can best serve the needs of your child.