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Randy Brooks



After 23 years in Telecom building the internet and email, I observed that the front line personnel that I was hiring didn't have what I considered to be skills that they should be bringing to the table. I began investigating why, and that led me to high school. Alas, I began my journey in Education in 2010 with the high school classrooms of this district where my two daughters attended.  

I redubbed my PreCalculus course as Problem-Solving with Brooks and was also privileged to lead a wonderful Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Principles of Engineering (PoE) course which is a project-based learning survey of the engineering discipline.

I am also chasing a vision of building quality, engaging online courses (think great MOOCs for secondary courses) and helped Lovejoy launch LHS Online Signature Courses in the Summer of 2017.

Since the Summer of 2015 I have been privileged to work with the Texas A&M Sketch Recognition Lab (TAMU SRL) to evaluate a couple of online tutorial tools (Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)) currently under development, Mechanix and Sketchtivity, that provide immediate constructive feedback to the students and student-level metrics to the instructors.  I presented on this work at the state and national PLTW Conventions and at CPTTE in 2016.

This widely varied background has prepared me well for my next big adventure.  Beginning in August 2018 I will be the Texas A&M Professor of Practice for the Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Blinn College in Brenham.

Though now in Brenham, I will continue my connection with Lovejoy as Manager of the LHS Online Signature Courses initiative.

The eldest daughter (Shelby - Lovejoy Class of 2013) is a Grad student in Strategic Communications at TCU and the youngest (Clancy - Lovejoy Class of 2016) is at the University of North Texas on a path to become a cross-discipline English teacher.

I am a technology learner and have been a regular presenter at the state TCEA (Texas Computer Educator Association) convention and PLTW state convention each year.

My wife also works for the district in many roles to include website overseer, Science Curriculum Coordinator, Environmental Science AP instructor, and LHS Independent Studies instructor.  She has been with the district since the launch of the secondary program 13 years ago.

My foundations were set by an upbringing on the family ranch near Joshua, Texas and 4 memorable years at Texas A&M where I met my wife, I led Bugle Rank #7 in the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band (Class of '86 Whoop!), and dove into Telecom Engineering. Once in Telecom, my learning continued at MCI, Vartec, and Charter.


Following are a few items to review if you need more detail on me.  

As does any good Digital Immigrant worth their salt, I have chronicled several events in the 'Videos' block over there to your right!


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I spent a couple weeks in the summer of 2015 helping this crew hone a great new online tutoring tool, Mechanix. Based on current visions of our future, CS is the place to be, that is Computer Science in College Station.

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A video selling the course to rising Freshman. This is a survey of the Engineering discipline and great for any level of high school student.

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