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National Geographic Photo

Pronghorn, Wyoming

Photograph by Joe Riis

In the untamed early days of the American West, pronghorn like those pictured here in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park were plentiful and proud and moved freely. Driven by the seasons, their migration from the mountains to the valleys and back has always been a tough journey, but now fences, borders, bloated rivers, and other constraints have created blockades and bottlenecks that result in devastating losses for this critically endangered species.

National Geographic Photo

Garden Lizard, India

Photograph by Arpan Parui, Your Shot

No more than five inches long, a baby garden lizard of the Calotes genus rests on a cactus in Your Shot contributor Arpan Parui's backyard. "I first saw it on a winter morning sitting on a brick," Parui says. "Its dreamy eyes, basking in the pleasures of its surroundings, caught my attention."

A researcher of ant ecology, Parui had been on an early-morning prowl for the perfect insect shot when he spotted the lizard. "Wildlife is my passion—I have spent more than three years working in the forest, and yet every day presents something new and unique."