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Attendance FAQs

Q: What do I need to do when my student is going to be out for a college visit?
A: First, make sure to fill out the LHS Absence Form (linked here and on the main Parent Resources Page) for the days your student will be out. Then, please remind your student to get a letter of attendance from the College they visit.  It will need to have the official letterhead, the date of the tour, and the student's name.  This will give us the documentation to code the absence as a college visit.  Contact the attendance office if you have any questions. Hope it is a great visit!
Q: How many college visits do the students get a year that are excused?
A: The students are allowed 2 official college visits a year for Junior and Senior years.  Freshmen and Sophomores are not allowed official college visits.  Travel time is not excused, only the day of the visit is excused.
Q: If I send in a parent note, will the absence be excused?
A: No, all parent notes are considered unexcused absences by the state of Texas. However, please still send in the notes, as these allow us to know the reason for the student's absence.
Q: If my student is out for a club sport activity or off-campus PE activities/competitions, will these absences be excused?
A: No, these absences are not excused as they are not UIL-related sports or competitions. These will be considered parent notes.
If you do not see your question listed above, please reach out to the following email address: [email protected]