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Recommendation Letters

Some college applications require a recommendation letter or comments from your counselor. In that event, you must provide your counselor with a resume and a completed Counselor Recommendation.


Thank you for thoroughly completing this packet and turning it in to your counselor three weeks (15 school days) before your earliest application deadline.


The more information you and your parents provide in your Counselor Recommendation Packet, the better.


To request a letter of recommendation from a teacher, you will do the request in Naviance (in Classlink) and for your counselor, you will need to email your counselor!

Before you do the request in Naviance, ask the teacher IN PERSON if they would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation and provide the following:

Provide the teacher with a resume (see resources below):

      • List of colleges that require the letter of recommendation
      • Due date for the letter of recommendation
     If you are using the Common Application, remind teachers they will also need to “Prepare” the Common App             form found in Naviance. They will not be able to send letters without this form.
    Submit the request in Naviance.
If you are unsure how to do this, watch this VIDEO!


A high school resume is a snapshot of who you are, what you’re passionate about, and how you spend your time. Because admission to college is so selective and has limited open slots, it is crucial that you find a way to stand apart from all of the other applicants. A high school resume can help you do that. It is one of the most important marketing tools that you can use in selling yourself. Essentially your resume provides a snapshot picture of the "real" you.


It’s also VERY helpful for letters of recommendation. When it’s time for students to ask teachers, counselors, and previous employers for a reference or letter of recommendation, a resume will help remind them of what you’ve done and why you’re qualified for a specific position. has some great FREE templates for students!