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Advanced Placement

Lovejoy High School AP Drop Information

Lovejoy High School AP Drop Policy

When students sign up for the upcoming year’s classes in the spring and summer, LHS Administration uses these numbers to create the appropriate number of classes and align teachers’ schedules to meet these requests. To maintain a viable master schedule and to promote perseverance and resilience in students, we have put in place a process for dropping an AP course. Students have from July 17- July 28, 2023 to request to drop an AP course for the 2023-2024 school year. If the request is not completed by the July 28 deadline, the student will remain in the AP course through the first three weeks of school.

The next AP drop window will be September 1-8, 2023. Students who wish to drop an AP course at that time must submit an AP Drop Request Form that will be reviewed by a committee at the end of the fourth week of the course. If the committee approves the drop, the student’s schedule will be changed as soon as possible. The opportunity for a schedule change varies for different AP courses. As a reminder, failure to complete a required summer AP assignment is not cause for dropping an AP course. For AP courses where there is a equivalent course of the same subject, the student will be placed in the equivalent course. For example, AP World History to advanced world history or AP English Language to advanced English 4. A student’s grade in the AP class will be transferred to the new class. For AP courses where there is not an equivalent (or the student has already received credit for the equivalent course), the student will remain in the course for the 1st semester. At the end of the first semester, the student will be able to request a change for the 2nd semester. A few examples of these courses are AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP European History, AP Art History, and more. All requests for dropping an AP course will be reviewed by the AP Committee before a request is granted.

The AP Committee will review the student’s work in the AP course, effort level, teacher feedback, and extenuating circumstances.