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New Leopards 

LHS Campus website:


Your e-mail address:


Log on to a campus computer a PC or Mac:   

User Name: lastname_firstname


Password setup:  

For the first 24 hours (or until you login to a school computer), your password is your student ID number.  Upon logging in, change your password, when prompted. If you experience login issues, see a library staff member on your campus. 


Password conventions: 

Password requirements - 6 characters made up of 3 of these 4 items:

Capital letter

Lowercase letter


Special character

For example, "Pizza!" is a great password. 



Go into the settings on your device: go to:wifi>network>LOVEJOY ISD (NOT Guest). 

Join with your username and current password. Reset everytime you change your password.


Logging into a PC or Mac on Campus:

Username:  lastname_firstname

Password:  Current password

Proceed to to sign in Chrome / Google Drive 



This gives you access to Google Drive, Google Classroom, and other Google apps 


Password:  Current password

Powerschool (Grades):

The school code - NJBC

User Name: lastname_firstname

Password:  Current password 

Note: There is also a mobile app for Powerschool

Password Reset Tips:

Active Directory remembers 40 passwords back, a simple number change is enough to count as a unique password. It takes 12 incorrect password attempts to lock a student account (PHONES HITTING THE WIFI COUNTS FOR THIS)

Password requirements - 6 characters made up of 3 of these 4 items:

Capital letter

Lowercase letter


Special character

For example, "Pizza!" is a great password. 


Step 1 of Password Reset:

Create a unique password that does not include your name, or a form of a previous password.

Step 2 of Password Reset:

***If you skip this step, eventually your account will be locked.

If you have previously joined the network: on your device go to:wifi>network>LOVEJOY ISD, and Forget the Network.” Rejoin with your username and new password. 



Find directions HERE.


Clever (Digital Textbooks / Resources Portal)

User Name:  Current login

Password:  Current password

Find more information HERE


Overdrive (Digital Library):

The link to the Overdrive catalog can be found HERE. Titles can be

downloaded to a device and will be automatically returned after two weeks. 

User Name:  Lastname_firstname

Password:  Current password


Parents - Powerschool (Grades):

PowerSchool Parent Portal Access Tips

Here are some quick bullets about the PowerSchool Parent Portal:


Unless you have changed your username after August 12, 2019, the username is the email address that is associated to the parent account. The log of invalid logins that we are seeing are typically parent accounts that are trying to use something other than an email address as the username.


Recently users have been denied access and it is determined that they are not using the correct URL. Please make sure that you are going to . If you see Welcome to Unified Classroom, you are on the wrong site. This is another PowerSchool product that we do not have a subscription as it duplicates Google Classroom.


Remember that the mobile app is only a tool for updates on assignments, grades, and attendance. Typically to access the Enrollment Forms, Absence Reason Excuses, GPA Information, and the Random Drug Testing Forms you must use a tablet, laptop or desktop and the URL above. From a mobile phone, you can use your browser and go to the URL above; however, once logged in it is difficult to navigate.

Parents - Google Classroom:

Guardian email invitations will be sent to the email address on file in PowerSchool. Guardian summary emails list upcoming, overdue, and missing assignments. HERE is a Sample Guardian Email Summary. Summaries do not provide access to class materials or assignment details. Your student has full access to this information on their Google Classroom account. 

  • If your student needs help navigating Google Classroom and Classroom Calendars, click HERE for the student tips page.
  • If you do not see the parent invite to Guardian Email Summaries, contact any one of your  student’s current teachers (or the campus Library Media Specialist) to have the request resent to the email you provided in PowerSchool.