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Presentation Tools

Here is a list of online presentation tools you can use for class projects or for teachers to create lesson presentations. Below each is a description of the tool and some even have videos to show you what it looks like.
Web-based Tools
Use a general image and add interactive tags with text, additional images, or video to share what you know about a topic.
A visual presentation that moves the viewer through different scenes as y\information is presented in text and pictures.
An online poster builder that allows you to add video, pictures, text, and attach files.
An interactive presentation that uses a card-like interface to access text, pictures, videos, and websites.
Create a custom tour as a way to present information. Pictures, videos, and text can be added to each location to help tell a unique story about any topic.
Google Sites - Access through Google Drive as well -- NEW -- More -- Sites
Create a website to present information. Google Sites allows you to use pictures from Google Drive, YouTube videos, and Google docs already created as well as adding text directly to the site.
Create a cartoon video to present information. Use characters, movements, backgrounds, music and templates to create a unique presentation. 
An interactive presentation that moves viewers through the presentation in an animated style. Add text, pictures, and video to the presentation. The viewer clicks on these elements to zoom in closer to each one and then on to the next piece of the presentation.
Create an infographic to present information to others. Insert icons, images, text, and more. An infographic is a unique way to present information that is more visual and eye-catching.
Another infographic creator that includes thousands of templates and objects to help you present your information visually.
Create a variety of products including graphics for social media, infographics, posters, and more using Canva. Use free templates and objects, or upload your own images. These graphics can then be downloaded and included in other presentation tools or as a stand-alone presentation.
Interactive geo-located timeline creator. Insert text, pictures, and movies at each location and each date/time to present information learned.
Another interactive timeline creator that allows users to insert videos, pictures, text, and more to tell a story or present information.