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Bonjour à tous! Je me présente...

I was born and raised in the great state of Rhode Island, the smallest state, and you’ll find that I still have a bit of an accent when I say certain words, like coffee, daughter and orange. Little Rhodie was a great place to grow up and I still have family and friends who live there, but I wanted to try living somewhere new, so I moved to the largest (contiguous) state, Texas. 

Texas was the perfect choice for me once my sister told me about the awesome music program at the University of North Texas. At the time my concentration was the alto saxophone and music education. My favorite part about this time in my life was realizing my dream of being in a real marching band that performed half time shows. Ask me and I'll readily play the professional recording we made and a video (albeit grainy) of one of our shows. After about two years of study, however, I opted to switch my major to French Language and Literature with a minor in music instead.  

Once I graduated with my Bachelor's degree from the University of North Texas, I spent the next school year living in Chaumont, France as an English Teaching Assistant. It was a wonderful experience and I treasure the friendships I made and the adventures we had. I was able to check many things off my bucket list, like visiting the Loire Valley, touring smaller regions of France, traveling to Italy with the Italian Assistant, visiting Ireland with the Irish Assistant and experiencing England with the English Assistant. 

At the end of my post in Chaumont, I returned back home to Texas and entered the Master’s program at the University of North Texas where I furthered my French studies and worked as a French Teaching Assistant and Fellow. I grew so much academically through that program and benefited professionally from my time teaching college students. 

Directly out of the graduate program, I began my teaching career as a French Teacher. I have a love of information and ideas and I enjoy sharing or discussing the things that I learn with others. I believe curiosity is something that should be pursued and nurtured. It brings us to an appreciation for such a variety of amazing things, like world cultures.

In addition to my francophone world, I take care of my two boys and our dog. We enjoy spending time together being creative, playing board games and ,playing with the dog. We live in the district, so don't be surprised if you spot us around town.

**I look forward to connecting with all of you and being a part of your high school experience.**