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I teach dual credit Medical Terminology; dual credit Pathophysiology;  Anatomy & Physiology; and Principles of Health Science at LHS.  I look forward to working with the students in my classes!  

I started full-time teaching in 2019.  I wear two hats at Lovejoy High School-one as a teacher for high school classes and the other as a dual credit instructor as Adjunct Faculty via Collin College.  I am a graduate of Texas A&M-BS in Health and  UTMB-Galveston with a BS in Physical Therapy and a Master's in Gerontology (study of the elderly). I am currently pursuing my doctorate in physical therapy from St. Scholastica in Minnesota.   

My healthcare experience started in 1993 when I graduated from Physical Therapy School.   My physical therapy career has included providing services in acute care hospitals and inpatient rehab facilities;  serving as a clinical instructor for therapy students to prepare them for graduation; working in the foreign mission field to provide services to indigent populations in Africa, India, and Mexico; managing an inpatient rehabilitation unit in a large 1000 bed teaching hospital; and research, including published research in the Journal of Geriatrics. 

I am still practicing as a physical therapist in addition to teaching.   My physical therapy focus is primarily working with significantly impaired adults after a head injury, stroke, amputation, debility for medical reasons /or orthopedic and cardiac surgeries.   While I love what I do as a physical therapist, my long-term goal has always been to teach as I advance in my career and into retirement.   I am truly blessed to have this opportunity via Lovejoy High School and Collin College. 

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have questions along the way.