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Texas A&M/Lovejoy ITS Study Published

Springer recently published "Frontiers in Pen and Touch" for use in courses globally which involve the study of HCI (Human Computer Interaction) or ITS (Intelligent Tutoring System).
Chapter 9 is a study performed by Randy Brooks (Lovejoy High School PreCal & PLTW PoE) as a RET (Research Experiences in Teaching) member of the Texas A&M Computer Science Sketch Recognition Lab (TAMU SRL). 
Lovejoy High PLTW Principles of Engineering students in the Fall of 2015 used a TAMU SRL tool, Mechanix, to enhance their understanding of truss analysis, a typical study in engineering during the first year of college, and their performance data was analyzed to hone Mechanix to better address the high school engineering mindset.
Mechanix is an ITS that provides immediate, constructive feedback to students, anytime and anywhere, while also providing the instructor with metrics regarding individual student performance.