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Student passwords changed to Student ID.......School starts-up again on August 21st............Check out the Engineering film, Dream Big, at the Perot museum...
Bernadette McKinney » Bernadette McKinney

Bernadette McKinney

I have been happily at Lovejoy for the past 10 years.  It was wonderful to find a district that matched my own commitment to learning for all and success for every student.  My professional career has spanned 30 years in the classroom, as a department chair and as a math coordinator.  
On the personal side, I have 3 adult daughters and 3 grandchildren.  Fortunately, I am able to see two of my grandchildren every week. My third grandchild lives with her parents in Germany.  That is a bit far for weekly visits, but yearly ones certainly happen, 
In addition to loving math, I am fascinated by history of all sorts--ancient, modern, Eastern, Western, history of math and science.