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Community Service

One of the pillars of the Lovejoy Graduate Profile is 'Works for Justice in the Community'.
The intention of including this character trait is to build a philanthropic spirit in each of our students.
Many school- and class-level activities are available each year in support of this goal, yet we ask our students to step beyond this 'scheduled' support and pursue opportunities to help others on a personal level.
In recognition of this 'above and beyond effort', students may earn a Community Service Distinction upon graduation.
Below you will find details regarding the Community Service Distinction and the template for logging hours.

We’d like to take the opportunity to provide some guidelines towards achieving the community service distinction at graduation. Students should use the form found below. Completed forms should be submitted to the lobby reception desk.


To prevent students from obtaining multiple signatures for service hours that qualify for several different service organizations, students may also submit copies of service hour logs from clubs such as Key Club, National Honor Society, church groups or athletic teams.


To assist you in determining what type of activities qualify for community service, please consider the following details noted by the National Honor Society organization:


Community service is offering your time and abilities to benefit the local community, including (but not limited to) schools, hospitals, parks & recreation, city events, and charitable organizations. Community service is unpaid. Furthermore, community service is by choice. (For example, if you are required by your debate coach to work a tournament, that service is by requirement, rather than by choice and does not qualify as community service.)


Below are some guidelines to assist you in determining qualifications for community service hours:


  • The tracking of service hours can begin upon the completion of 8th grade (the summer prior to 9th grade).
  • Service hours must occur outside of normal school hours.
  • In regards to mission/service trips, the adult sponsor should determine the number of hours that the student “worked” during the trip. Travel, meals and leisure time do not count. “Hours that benefit the cause” is a good rule of thumb to use.
  • Parents may not sign for hours their student performs.
  • The principal and graduation coordinators reserve the right to make the final decision regarding qualifying service hours.


If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to Teresa Dodson at