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Student passwords changed to Student ID.......School starts-up again on August 21st............Check out the Engineering film, Dream Big, at the Perot museum...
Gay Straight Alliance » Gay Straight Alliance

Gay Straight Alliance

Lovejoy GSA

The GSA is a safe space for all LGBTQ+ teens. All students deserve a place to feel safe and at home, and this club does just that. The LHS GSA is not here to force everyone to love the LGBTQ+ community, but we are here to promote love and acceptance for all people, disregarding: sex, gender, romantic preference, race, religion, body type, or beliefs.

When: Every Tuesday morning

Where: Room D211 @ 7:50am

Led By: Ryan Allen & Abby Yaeger

Sponsor: Heidi Gambrell

Twitter: @LovejoyGSA