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Teacher Digital Toolbox » Teacher Digital Toolbox

Teacher Digital Toolbox

Operational Tools Description

Groupwise (Email)

LISD digital mail/information system.


LISD digital grade and attendence management system. 
Cloud Drives Web access to LISD system drives. 
Google Drive LISD File Storage and Interface Home. 
 Eduphoria LISD Student Testing Data and Professional Development Management System. 
 Lesson Tools Description 
 TEKS Texas Education Agency (TEA) Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). 
 TED Technology, Education, and Design.  Presentation about insights into our world, and the future. 
 NY Times Lesson Plans Lessons based on Current Events in the NY Times. 
The Daily Riff  Gathering of articles regarding the intersection of education and the world. 
Edutopia  Gathering of information by the George Lucas Foundation. 
 Prezi Presentation platform with the feel of organizaed brainstorming on a seemingly boundless, on-line background. 
TEA  Texas Education Agency home page.  Check out the latest news at the state level. 
 Discovery Education A gathering of 21st century tools, lessons,and Multimedia supports for teachers, parents, and students.
PBS Learning  Wide range of materials available from a long-standing multimedia educator of our youth.
Edx  MOOC managed by MIT/Harvard. 
Coursera  MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) with almost 500 courses from colleges all around the planet. 
Teacher Administrative Tools  Description 
Sub System (Aesop)  Manage Substitute Teacher Requests & Assignments 

 Work Orders

Maintenance & Technology Work Order Portal 
LISD Benefits  Details and Links for all benefits (mybenefitshub).
Handbook  LISD On-line Employee Handbook